Small-Batch Bourbon Truffles™

Kentucky's premiere bourbon chocolatier! If you are looking for a small company dedicated to making small batches of balanced bourbon chocolate truffles, you have found the right place!

We think of our Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™ as two-bite truffles.  Each bite will send a wave of different flavors, this creates your experience. We artfully craft our Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™ by using rich decadent chocolates, natural ingredients and fine Kentucky bourbon. All our small batch bourbon truffles are hand dipped and packed in Louisville, Kentucky.

Art Eatables - Our Original Bourbon Truffle

Art Eatables – Our Original Bourbon Truffle










We love the many fine bourbons produced in our commonwealth, and we want to introduce you to all their subtlety and refinement.  For this reason, we name the bourbons we use in our truffles. Any use of trademarks or product names in reference to items used as ingredients are for informational purposes and not intended to denote sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of our truffles by the owners of the trademarks or the products they represent.

Please note that this list is not complete, as I know of at least 12 truffles we already make as exclusives for other business or that are awaiting proper tasting notes, naming, or packaging design.   We have another 6 truffles in active development as well, and a large number following on those.

Truffles Featuring Members of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®

As a proud sponsor of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, we are delighted to feature a solid selection of the wonderful bourbons produced by the members.  It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but we’re expanding it all the time.

Maker’s Mark® Bourbon Truffle – Smooth and approachable, just like the bourbon, the milk chocolate accents the caramel notes of the bourbon and lets the vanilla shine through.  This is a full-flavored bourbon and chocolate candy like no other. Features Maker’s Mark® Bourbon Whisky.

Our Original Bourbon Truffle ™ –Creamy milk chocolate is the dominant flavor for a long while, but then the bourbon swells up aggressively, before eventually fading under a lasting chocolate finish. Features Jim Beam® white label 4 year bourbon.

Signature Black Cherry Bourbon Truffle™ – Decadent dark chocolate and pronounced black cherry are up front, while the bourbon gradually swells in.  Chocolate, bourbon and cherry all mingle together over the finish. Features Red Stag® by Jim Beam® Black Cherry.

Devilishly Good Bourbon Truffle™– Although the extra dark chocolate has plenty of cocoa flavor, the sweetness of the bourbon and its pronounced vanilla notes come to the forefront.  A surprisingly sweet delight of bourbon and chocolate. Features Jim Beam® Devil’s Cut®.

Black Bourbon Truffle™ – Dense cocoa presents initially, with woody overtones that play on the mellower flavor of the bourbon.  While it’s still a surge of bold bourbon flavor, the aging shows more complexity and smoothness.  The finish is a pleasing drift of cocoa. Features Jim Beam® Black.

Sweet Honey Truffle™ – Our mildest bourbon truffle, this confection is creamy and sweet, with only a hint of bourbon flavor developing in the mid to late part of the tasting, and finishes with a high, faint note of tea.  White chocolate.  Features Red Stag® by Jim Beam® Honey Tea.

Ol’ Basil’s Truffle™ – We pair an extra dark chocolate to play with the ginger and cinnamon top notes while the milk chocolate accents the smooth caramel and vanilla notes and preserves a spicy finish.  The finish is a pleasing drift of cocoa. Features Basil Hayden® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Kentucky’s First Truffle™ – This beautifully aged, woody bourbon is delightfully light on the tongue.  We’ve captured this experience by using extra dark chocolate.  the bourbon presents itself early with the chocolate, couples with it for a short while, gives a splash of spicyness and then dashes away, leaving a finish with subtle sweetness and the dark cocoa gliding down. Features Evan Williams® Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon (2012).

Yellow Rose Truffle™ – The bourbon comes into play early, with well-rounded mix of smooth bourbon and creamy milk chocolate flavor.  As the flavor heads into the finish, the spicy notes come out and leave you with a pleasing warmth.  Features Four Roses® Yellow Label.

Fair Rose Truffle™ (Milk) – The milk chocolate accents the spice early and you get a complex, smooth bourbon flavor that plays up the sweet notes in the bourbon and leaves you with a tongue-tingling spicy finish.  Features Four Roses® Small Batch.

Fair Rose Truffle™ (Dark) – The dark chocolate (surprisingly) helps accent the buttery and honey notes of this bourbon.  You get a wealth of smooth bourbon flavor that comes in early and gives way to the signature Four Rose spicy finish, although the chocolate helps keep this very smooth.  Features Four Roses® Single Barrel.

Branch Out Truffle™ – Surprisingly smooth and earthy, this truffle is less sweet than some others and rewards the taster who savors it.  The finish stays with you with hints of chocolate and a bourbon top note that goes on and on. Features Town Branch® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Gobble-it-Up Truffle™ – Dark and extra dark chocolates bring plenty of rich cocoa to the front which keeps the truffle from being too sweet, while still allowing a dense, mouth-filling bourbon flavor with caramel and vanilla notes to come to the fore.  Features Wild Turkey® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (81 proof).

Wood River Truffle™ – Decadent dark chocolate is quickly met by the bourbon and they play back and forth, accenting the wood, smoke and leather notes.  At the finish, a high note of cherry comes out. Features Woodford Reserve® Distiller’s Select.

Friendly Fo’ Truffle™ – A well-rounded, elegant truffle that pays homage to the longest continually-distilled bourbon in existence.  It even survived Prohibition.  Similarly, this bourbon brings a robust flavor, with a hint of sweetness and a high note of pit-fruit on the long lasting finish.  Features Old Forester® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (86 proof).

Truffles from Off the Trail

Not every great bourbon is produced by members of the K.D.A.  (Although we hope that someday all of these great distillers might join.)  Here is a selection of some of the excellent ones we make already, and we’ll be adding more as time allows.

Frontiersman Truffle™ – Like the bourbon itself, this truffle begins very sweet and finishes with a warm, spicy note. Features Bulleit® Bourbon Frontier Whiskey.

Elmer’s Choice Truffle™ – One of our more subtle truffles, this bourbon is paired with a dark chocolate to play off the delicate sweetness and the wood and smoke notes of the spirit.  The bourbon shows up a bit later than some of our other truffles, but lasts longer into the finish. (From the May 2012 barrel pick for the Louisville Bourbon Society.)   Features Elmer T. Lee Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Wild Bill Truffle™ – The bourbon features a cunning balance between smoke, sweetness and spice, and that is preserved in this truffle.  The dark chocolate dip helps bring the smoke to the forefront early, and the milk chocolate center brings in the brown-sugared sweetness and spice. Features Buffalo Trace® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Live Weller Truffle™ – The dark chocolate complements the bourbon, letting its smoothness shine through.  Hints of vanilla and wood, and a pleasing warmth in the finish at the back of your throat make this a standout truffle. Features W.L.Weller® Special Reserve.

Center Cut Truffle™ – Almost from the start, a mouth-filling, rich bourbon flavor plays off the chocolates.  The dark chocolate was selected to help accent the smokey and wood notes while keeping the sweetness in check. The milk chocolate plays up just a hint of brown sugar and lets the spicy finish shine through.  This is one of our most complex truffles. Features Blanton’s® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Pot Still Truffle™ – This is a really intricate bourbon, and the truffle was designed to be similarly rewarding to the palate.  The milk chocolate plays up the subtle caramel and sweet notes, while the extra dark keeps the sweetness in check, accents the wood notes and helps mimic the dry finish of the bourbon.  Features Willett® Pot Still Reserve.

Monticello Truffle™ – This bourbon uses a lightly-charred barrel which lets it be very subtle with a lot of fine flavor notes.  Of course, this presented a certain challenge  since  there has to be a certain robustness to stand up to chocolate.  However, we finally found a milk chocolate pairing that accented the caramel, wood and more subtle notes.  The chocolate is dominant at first, but as you get to the finish, the bourbon really shines. Features Jefferson’s® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

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