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Kentucky's premiere bourbon chocolatier! If you are looking for a small company dedicated to making small batches of balanced bourbon chocolate truffles, you have found the right place!

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Bourbon Women Collection Label

Bourbon Women are a group of smart, sophisticated women who are dedicated to educating similar women about the joys and wonders of bourbon. As their official chocolatier, we partnered with the members and created a special collection of chocolates that help span the range of our bourbon-infused offerings. The members have well-trained and developed palates, and picked big, flavorful chocolates for this collection.

This collection features 4 chocolates. First, our Old Fashioned Truffle pairs notes of orange, aromatic bitters and the robust flavors of Old Forester® Signature bourbon. The Preacher’s Truffle™ features Elijah Craig® bourbon, and brings a toffee and brown sugar sweetness together with rich wood and spice notes for a delectable truffle. The Devilishly Good Truffle™ highlights the sweetness and prominent vanilla notes of Jim Beam® Devil’s Cut® bourbon and lets them shine through our extra dark chocolate for a sinfully delicious treat. And to finish it off, our flavor infused Bourbon-smoked Sea Salt Caramel combines dark chocolate, rich caramel and Shell-Bee’s™ Bourbon-smoked Sea Salt for a delightful, well-balanced confection where all three of the signature flavors play well together.

4 Piece Box only
Starting at $11.00

To find out more about Bourbon Women, please go to Bourbon Women.

BW Chicago for web

Bourbon Women Chicago Barrel Pick

This year’s barrel pick features a Four Roses® bourbon specially selected by Bourbon Women Chicago and Binny’s™.

Please note that this is a limited edition item and may go out of stock. If this is the case, we will notify you.

4 Piece Box
Starting at $11.00

Store Sampler

Art Eatables' Store Sampler.

Art Eatables’ Store Sampler.

Our Store Sampler is collection of some of our favorite chocolates. We have 8 different Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™ (Preacher’s featuring Elijah Craig®, Center Cut featuring Blanton’s®, Reserve featuring 1792 Ridgemont Reserve®, Fair Rose [Dark] featuring Four Roses® Single Barrel, Black featuring Jim Beam® Black, Signature Fo’ featuring Old Forester® Signature, Old Line featuring Old Weller Antique® and the Frontiersman featuring Bulleit®), 8 of our intensely-flavored, velvety Chimères™ (2 each of Pineapple, Orange, Cinnamon and Coconut) and 4 of our flavor-infused caramels (Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Ginger Bourbon, Butter Rum and Orange Bourbon) and four of our Bourbon-smoked Sea Salt Modjeskas.

Art Eatables Store Sampler
24 piece collection only

Louisville Landmarks Collection

LLS Series - 72 DPI The Louisville Landmarks Series is a partnership between Art Eatables, Alicia Dawn Criswell and Preservation Louisville to create a collaboration of chocolate and art that is aimed at generating awareness of some of Louisville's beloved historic homes. This is a limited edition series with no more than 1,000 of each home (and some less) being sold to help raise funds for the preservation and upkeep of these fantastic historic properties. You can find out more about the artist who created these beautiful pieces at This collection features 20 different chocolates, ranging from truffles to caramels to our brand new Chimères™. It includes several items that have never before been offered. Each individual box contains 5 chocolates (2 truffles, 1 caramel and 2 Chimères). [raw]Complete Set of the Louisville Landmarks Series
Complete set of 5 boxes


NOTE: This section is under construction. Please be patient. We currently offer only the Taste of the Trail™ Sampler (Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™) and MB's Truffle Sampler (Small-batch Moonshine Truffles™) through our website. Please be patient. More will be added soon. The Taste of the Trail Collection, MB's Truffle Sampler,

Collections & Samplers

Collections and samplers featuring varities of our truffles. [raw]8 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $20.00


We make products for a variety of distillers, (currently: Maker’s Mark®, Big Ass Bourbon, Alltech® Distillery, M.B. Roland Distillery, Michter’s Distillery, Willett, Limestone Distillery and Old Pogue) with varying degrees of formality. To order any of our branded products, use this item.

Branded Small-batch Bourbon Truffles™

Beautiful box of delicious Arteatables – Small-batch Bourbon Truffles!

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00
Official Maker's Mark Bourbon Truffles - Arteatables

Official Maker’s Mark Bourbon Truffles


As proud sponsors of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, we love to work with the fabulous bourbons that are made by the member distillers. We have divided these products into 4 main categories: Bourbons made by main KBT Members, Other Spirits made by main KBT Members, Bourbons made by KBT Craft Distillers and Other Spirits made by KBT Craft Distillers. This list is full of familiar names and whiskeys, as well as hidden gems and excellent products by up-and-coming distillers. You can’t go wrong with truffles that feature some of these great brands.

Bourbons by Kentucky Bourbon Trail Members

Small-batch Bourbon Truffles featuring bourbons offered by Kentucky Bourbon Trail Members

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00

Other Spirits by Kentucky Bourbon Trail Members

Small-batch Bourbon Truffles featuring other spirits offered by Kentucky Bourbon Trail Members

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00

Craft Bourbons

Small-batch Bourbon Truffles featuring bourbons offered by Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour Members

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00

Other Craft Spirits

Small-batch Bourbon Truffles featuring other spirits (like whiskeys and moonshines) offered by Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour Members

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00


Not every great distiller is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail although we’d love it if they were! There are a lot of great and storied bourbons made by legendary distillers, and you’ll find those products represented here. Once again, we’ve broken it down into Bourbons, and Other Spirits.

More Kentucky Bourbons

Small-batch Bourbon Truffles featuring other Kentucky distillers and Kentucky-made bourbons.

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00

Other Kentucky Spirits

Small-batch Bourbon Truffles featuring other non-bourbon spirits made by Kentucky distillers.

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00


Our Cocktail Chocolates are different in that we’re not trying to show off the flavor of the alcohol, but instead making truffles that capture the spirit of a variety of famed cocktails. Some are bolder than others. These are a great option for someone who just wants a tasty truffle, but doesn’t want to taste the alcohol.



We love it when people assume that bourbon has to be made in Kentucky. But that’s not the case: bourbon can be made in any state in the Union. It just happens that the best ones seem to come from our fair commonwealth. However, we’ve found a number of products from other states that are either nice representations of bourbon, interesting twists on the tradition or just plain good non-bourbon drinks in their own right that inspired us to work them into truffles.

Other Spirits

Truffles, made in our distinct manner that feature bourbons or other spirits by distillers unfortunate enough to have found themselves residing in other states, yet still making great stuff.

4 Piece Box or larger
Starting at $11.00



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